Parkview Golf Course, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

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In the 1920s, Milton S Hershey directed the construction of a golf course near Hershey Park. The site is near several limestone quarries which supplied the building materials for the old course clubhouse which is now Hershey Entertainment and Resorts corporate headquarters.

The Hershey Park Golf Course opened in 1930, and was designed by famed golf course architect Maurice McCarthy who also designed the Hershey Country Club's West Course, the 9-hole Spring Creek Golf Course and the Hotel Hershey Course. The Hershey Park Golf Course was his first effort in Hershey and featured a challenging 18 holes with lots of changes in elevation and a meandering stream.

In the 1970s the course's name was changed to 'Parkview Golf Course'. At 6,332 yards, the par-71 course features traditional narrow fairways and is consistently ranked among the top public courses in south-central Pennsylvania. Renamed the Country Club on Hershey - South Course, it was managed by American Golf Company from 1994 until 2002. It is now owned and operated by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company and it is now called Parkview Golf Course again.

While typical greens fees are around $50, the course offers special rates in the evening and for local residents which can save you half the fee or more. When reserving a tee time, be sure to ask about special rates!

There is a full-service clubhouse located to the north of the practice putting green at the seventh hole. Parking can be tricky during busy times.

The Course

  • Number 1 (Par 4) - Nice and straight. This hole makes you feel comfortable. To the left is a pretty steep slope but if you hit it to the right you'll have an easy shot back into play through the pine trees. Do not hit over the green or you'll wind up going down a steep bank with very thick grass.
  • Number 2 (Par 3) - This 107-yard par-3 is short but you must avoid the waters of Spring Creek which travels directly under the flight of your ball and cuts in front of the green. It is rated second-easiest on the course.
  • Number 3 (Par 4) - Cross the water and it's long and straight. Willows line the right side near the stream. If you hit it to the left, you'll find yourself out of bounds in a dark forest. After heavy rains, the fairway here can be saturated and a bit tricky.
  • Number 4 (Par 4) - The stream crosses directly in front of the short tees. The landing area is a bit narrow and there is a steep slope with tall grass on the right into which balls just seem to disappear.
  • Number 5 (Par 3) - Mentally, this hole seems more difficult that it really is as it forces you to hit straight up a steep hill to the green. The flag stick is 12-feet high so you're able to see where the green is located, but don't make the mistake of shooting at the pin or you'll be well short.
  • Number 6 (Par 4) - This 340-yard hole is one of the easiest on the course. A good drive and a reasonable approach shot will have you putting for birdie. The only real trouble is a line of trees along the right side of the fairway and a series of bunkers around the green.
  • Number 7 (Par 4) - A relatively easy 370-yard hole that rewards a long, straight drive off the tee. It is located right in front of the clubhouse, so if you're the type who gets nervous when people are watching you tee off, good luck!
  • Number 8 (Par 4) - This 400-yard par-4 seems straightforward, but it has a couple of hidden trouble spots. The first is a depression in the middle of the fairway about 200 yards out that is difficult to hit out of on your second shot. If you hit to the right off the tee, your ball will carry out of bounds over a cliff. More trouble lurks in front of the green in the form of a cart path which leads to a maintenance shed.
  • Number 9 (Par 5) - This par-5 is the most difficult hole on the course. From the tee it is 260 yards down a hill to the water so you'll want to control your drive. Then you're faced with a long second shot to the green which is protected by a stream that cuts right in front. But if you try to lay up, there is only a small peninsula to go for where the stream turns back upon itself. Par here is a great score, be happy with a bogie
  • Number 10 (Par 4) - Climb to the top of one hill and you'll find yourself beside the old course clubhouse which now serves as Hershey Entertainment and Resorts corporate offices. This is another tricky one off the tee because you hit from the top of one hill to another. Otherwise, it is a pretty straightforward 360-yard par 4.
  • Number 11 (Par 3) - After two tricky holes, this 164-yard par 3 is a breath of fresh air. It is by far the easiest hole on the course. If you avoid hitting it long and down a cliff toward the creek, you'll be in great shape for a birdie.
  • Number 12 (Par 4) - A fairly difficult 344 yards, this hole requires you to hit across the creek to the valley below. A good tee shot puts you in line for an easy approach. If you don't hit the tee shot well, you'll be in lots of trouble.
  • Number 13 (Par 4) - A steep climb to the tee box will give you a good look at this 350-yard par 4. You hit across the stream and up a gently rising slope. The green hidden and to the right at the top of that slope.
  • Number 14 (Par 4) - This 300-yard hole requires a straight tee shot down the slope you just came up. If you hook the tee shot to the left, you'll be in the fairway at No. 15; a slice to the right will put you on the fairway at No. 13. This hole gives up a lot of birdies to accurate players.
  • Number 15 (Par 5) - At 470 yards, this is a short par 5, but is it very tricky. Your first shot must clear a small rise and land at the foot of a large hill. Your second must go up the face of the hill and into the fairway which you cannot see. From there you're still a long way from the green. Don't be fooled into thinking you can hit through or over the woods to your right - we've never seen anyone do it successfully.
  • Number 16 (Par 4) - This birdie-maker is only 283 yards straight downhill. It's a great way to help out your score if you got into a lot of trouble on the last hole.
  • Number 17 (Par 4) - This 426-yard par 4 shares a tee area with Nuumber 13. Out-of-bounds lies close down the entire left side of this fairway which itself bends slightly to the left.
  • Number 18 (Par 4) - At 279 yards, this hole is the shortest par 4 on the course and a great way to end your day on a high note. The fairway bends to the left at about 200 yards. The green is surrounded by bunkers so accuracy on the approach really counts.

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