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A Collective Voice?

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The Worldwide Web- we- have the ability to communicate on a level only imagined before our era...Yet, are we really discussing anything with the exception of certain sites, such as this one? Ask yourself. What are we passing on? In all of the words, in all of the blogs, in all of the pop-ups and so much of the 'all' that tackles or emails, our lives, the forwarding, the deleting, the spam- Tell me, What we we deciding as human beings is a Collective Voice? What are we saying? I am not suggesting I have the answer or any 'one' of us has the answer? However, I wonder, I dare to utter, "I am curious as to what 'we' could communicate if we tried?" It is a whole new frontier. One that has not yet been attempted, except when there are tragedies like Tsunamis and the like that come literally flooding upon the shores of mankind, if we even allow it to infiltrate our daily web...How are we spinning it folks? Where are the think tanks on this? Most postings (not on this site, but many of the 'popular' sites, are filled with what our latest celebrities are doing (no problem, but tell me- HOW ARE WE CHANGING THE WORLD?)- and we are- whether we admit to it or not...Even if it is passing on that 'joke' that gets sent to us in our email grind...even if it is doing as perhaps we have all attempted to do here- Simply- reach out- and dare to connect with another voice- to exclaim- I have one- you have one- and together- what can we say? Or better- Are we heard? Curious- Anyone dare to risk to reach out and see what all of us can say- collectively? Something tells me the topics go alittle deeper...What do we have to say? What are we passing on?

A Collective Voice?

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This is a profound line of thought so don't take anything I may say as insult.

With that said, I would like to suggest that 'we' will not soon make a unified statement. The idea that 'we' could agree on anything that would make a statement has a major problem in the area of detail.

Imagine We are going to make a statement regarding the question of god. The question is the most fundamental belief that a person can take, with the understanding that every other belief will be hinged on a single 'yes or no' question; 'Do you believe in god?'. Let us say that 75% of people answer 'yes'. 'WE' would (assuming I am in the majority {which you shouldn't}) probably hope that, together, we could make a statement. As we know, this cooperation disintagrates when the details of god that different groups hold contradict each other.

Since a statement is about something that is not obvious, the statement of the poly-theiests would not jive with the mono-theiests. Even if they both agree on simpler issues, they will not want to abandon their more central, foundational views.

One will find this faultline between any agreeing parties, once detail and opinion are explored. This is not an overwhelming problem for people with a similar belief, or a bad thing.

This is where 'voice' is important. Using your voice to express your feelings is how an individual can communicate an idea that may be unheardof to others. Your voice is yours alone. Two people don't have the same voice, even when they agree to speak. When they agree to make a statement, the voice is that of them as a group and no longer either of their voices.

But, when it comes to the Wiggly Wobbly Web, there is a level of communication that is not available to a group of people in a room. This has to do with the fact that one cannot read and write at the same time. In verbal conversations people often interrupt another before a thought has been fully expressed. In written conversations a person may fully elaborate their thoughts, conclude, then wait for a response.

I don't think that this leads to a unified voice, really the opposite. It allows each individual to examine their thoughts independant of any overwhelming argument.

This is why the Guide is what it is. Not a singular voice of perfect reason and incredable insight, but a marketplace of independent thought without heirarchy or bias.

You are a researcher for the Guide. You can take it where ever you want it to go, but it will go no further than it is taken.

Presenting questions here is fine, but the next step is to provide the answer if it is not here (or what you think the answer may be).

So Feitwrites, I say the question should not be what 'we' are doing to change the world, but what do YOU think we should do?

smiley - biggrin

'and now for something completely different, It's'... just me rambling!

Welcome to the Guide. I really don't mean to put down the ideas in your post, I just identify with what you're saying, with a slightly different view. Don't take anything to heart, just be who you want to be and say what you want to say.

Finally, if you don't know, 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' is a fictional publication that was found in about 20 years ago's future. Well, we're there now. The hand-held electronic encyclopedia reference that Douglas Adams described as being used by inter-planetary travellers is now in existance (you are reading it now). Earth-bound humans only have access to our planets info at this time, but it is only a matter of time before we are able to trade info with other societies, and recieve highlights from 'hikers on the road.

In conclusion, (I know you thought that's what finally meant, but I ramble. {and if you do to, remember to space out really long sentences so it is more readable. it doesn't need to be proper paragraphs, just so it isn't overwhelming. A huge block of writing may be skipped by many people who would otherwise respond. You also want to avoid super-long rants [like this] in conversations. That's what your Journal is good for.}) have fun, and contribute your knowledge of the planet Earth as if you just got here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll try to help. Or, ask for help anywhere else and you will usually find that people are happy to assist. (Ignore anyone who's not, they only speak for themselves)

Good luck.

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A Collective Voice?

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