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using a metal detector to hunt for <br/>
People in the music industry... we all need a bit of solitude and quiet out of the public eye and this is the

way I enjoy it.

- Bill Wyman

The recent discovery of the 'Staffordshire Hoard' in a field has been hitting the headlines. The

collection of 1,500 gold and silver pieces could fetch a 'seven figure sum', say experts. Suddenly metal detecting doesn't

look like such a sad, lonely pastime, does it? With such rewards still obviously within our grasp it may be time to take up

Bill Wyman's favourite hobby!

Is treasure hunting a genuinely worthwhile contribution to historical fact finding, or is it just playing the lottery in a

muddy field?

  • Are you into metal detecting? If so, is it for relaxation, profit or just archaelogical curiosity?

  • Have you, or any friends or family ever found something either fascinating or incredibly valuable?

  • If you are an amateur archaeologist, do you fear the predictable upswing in the number of

    hunters, following the discovery of the hoard?

  • Do the odds actually justify the outlay on a lovely new metal detector?

  • Are you a professional academic archaelogist? What do you think of amateur treasure hounds?

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