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Man in Shack

The Pyramids - An Enigma Solved is a very interesting book by Dr. Joseph Davidovits and Margie Morris. In it, Dr. Davidovits makes a very strong argument about how the Great Pyramid and others were built. Not by hauling huge, many-ton stones; but by pouring them, in place, like concrete.

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Come on chaps,
It doesn't take a huge leap of imagination to work out where the mud was involved.
Its not peat!

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sorry love, but that's just absolute crap !!

have you ever seen the pyramids up close ? well, i have. many times. and believe me, they're solid quarried stone all the way through. hell, the quarries are in the area - that's how the pit around the great sphinx was created in the first place (and the sphinx too i might add).

- jj smiley - smiley

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Cheerful Dragon

If you want to know about the pyramids, read 'Giza: The Truth'. I'm afraid I can't remember the authors, but you should find it on amazon.com or amazon.co.uk. The authors look at all the theories on Giza, both othodox and unorthodox, and sort out the wheat from the chaff. If an unorthodox theory looks good they acknowledge it, otherwise it gets discarded with reasons given. The same applies to orthodox theories. The authors are very even-handed and it's a good read.

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