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Jon D.

I'm not going to try and critique this as I don't know enough about the pyramids (which is why I came to read this, learning is a good thing) but there do seem to be a couple of errors at the more basic level.

In the first paragraph there's an interesting bit of maths:
'Khufu was 11 cubits high for every 3.5 across, or 22/11.'

Now, I admit my mathematics skills aren't brilliant but doesn't 11/3.5 = 22/7 ?

In the third paargraph, there's the bit about Jean-Michel Jarre's show having 12 acts...
'...each honouring the sun as it passed through the world's twelve time zones.'

I'm fairly certain the world has 24 time zones. Either that or I'm not getting enough sleep. smiley - smiley

None of this affects the actual information about the pyramids of course, it's just that I found these errors somewhat distracting whilst reading through the rest of the entry.

Jon D.


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Researcher 219823

You must have read a different text to mine. What planet did you get your guide from?

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