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ahh the gr8 out dooors, (i meant to spell it like that)

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Researcher Liam Ford

Ho hum, the smell of damp nite air, the feel of fresh grass benieth you bum, the sound of running water and little creatures.... ah how i love the out dooors, just put on my dj actually, on my way to a wedding, and got a little lost in the woood somewhere, and i know your not really suposed to wear a dj to a wedding, but... well ive never realy cared much for confomity....

ahh well enough of my rambeling... (get it???) best walk on the wedding...

see you guys l8r...

il bring some special cake next time...


ahh the gr8 out dooors, (i meant to spell it like that)

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Dragonfly. "A poet can survive everything but a misprint"-- Oscar Wilde

::blinks:: was that a member of oasis!?? WHO LET HIM IN!!! smiley - tongueout

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