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Welcome Noble Newbie!

Here is a nice page full of smiley - erm ... Stuff... smiley - smiley...for you - Links, Useful Info - you know, "Stuff" smiley - smiley

Useful info

You should Put the Login Page in your favourites list, instead of storing the front page. Unless you prefer, or if you have cookies enabled, you can set any page on the guide as your favourite 'home-page' to h2g2. This is if you want h2g2 to be your start-point of the day. I do! smiley - smiley Personally, I think it best to use your personal space as Your homepage.

When in forums, preview your message first. though if you are in a fast moving forum, say a word game or quiz, then this can be a little more time consuming, and so in this case, simply
immediately post your message. smiley - winkeye

You can brighten up your pages with
Picture "Blobs", text formatting, and lots of other useful things with GuideML Code, at Bruce's GuideML

Useful Links

If you haven't seen the welcoming page yet, you should. Click Here.
Leave a message of condolence to those closely involved with Douglas Adams, The founder of h2g2, writer of the books, the radio show, the tv show, the meaning of liff, Mostly harmless...
Put Pictures in your entries from the h2g2 Picture Gallery.
Submit a piece of writing to Peer Review Here.

Places to visit at h2g2

The Musicians Guild
Community Photos
Read The h2g2 Post
The BOFInn
Great Jokes
The Bottomless pit of unfunniness
The Black HoleThe Guardian Angels
My Personal Spacesmiley - smiley
A573392 - Advertise on h2g2!


You may like to visit these two pages created by me to help you in your quest to find the true meaning to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything, to which, the answer is 42. smiley - smiley...

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