Ze Psychiatrist's Couch

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Are you a Doctor in need of a job?

Well Why not apply for residency in Dr. Ity's Clinic!

We are currently looking for staff...

For more information read ze messageboard below...

I am Dr.Ity ze famous Psychiatrist...

Did you know one in four people is crazy?

Check three friends, if they're ok, you're it!

Meet my colleague Dr.Sven Hurdenjurgen

Studies into the mind of eccentrics, volunteers wanted.

Please see Dr. Hurdenjurgen

Nexzt ztep into ze office of Lt/Dr Anthea

Our newest addition to ze shtaff ya?

Zis my is Nurse

Frau Fridda my assistant smiley - nurse

I call er Friddie, but for you its "Nurse"

Here are some of my most disturbed patients

As sick as they get!Ming MangGalaxy BabestinkywigfiddleFrankie RobertoThe code for this list

Ven you stop starring at her...

...Please lie on ze couch and tell me all about it...

Ve vill explore your deepest unt darkest thoughts...

Now relax... breath slowely...

I vill now hit you mit zis hammer unt zen you vill see smiley - star's

smiley - starsmiley - starsmiley - starBANG!
smiley - starsmiley - starsmiley - star

Count zem...

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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