The Joy of Socks

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In the Guide entry 'The Joy of Socks' the author, Pheroneous claims that there is a great variety of socks, but lists only a few, as shown below.

A rich variety of socks

There are many types and species of sock, far too numerous to enumerate here. Some better known categories include:

  • Group Socks

    Many teams that play together, footballers for example, wear and share the same socks.
  • Tan trick socks

    There is a peculiar light brown sock that never fully unfurls, causing the wearer repeated tripping, as if stung.
  • Royal Socks

    Aristocratic, or Royal socks, look down on others.
  • Wrinkled (kinky) socks

    A wrinkled, or a knarled sock, may be considered more comfortable by some, and is especially favoured in Greece, apparently.
  • Safe Socks

    In terms of sartorial elegance, plain or dull socks, single colour socks, are considered acceptable by sock afficionados everywhere. Whilst not implying the least criticism of the lifestyles of conservative socks, it should be pointed out that the more flamboyant socks, the patterned or boldly coloured socks, socks with flair and inventiveness, do seem to have a closer, longer term relationship with their human partner. It could be argued that a happy sock's life is enhanced if it is plucked more often from a sock drawer full of its safer cousins.

If you can describe some other types of socks, please let Pheroneous have your best efforts by dropping along to the Joy of Socks page and posting your suggestions; it is well worth a visit just to read the many other witty comments! No prizes, save the possibility of incorporation into the entry as and when it gets into the guide.

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