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I tried it. I fell out of my window.


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The closest I have actually managed is in my sleep. I fall from a great and thoroughly terrifying height and as instructed, manage to get distracted at the last minute. Unfortunately, it is at this point that I always wake up and find myself incontrovertibly ground-bound. Some have told me that if you fail to wake up before you hit the ground, you actually die in your sleep. Hmmm. Any dead people out there who can confirm this?


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I have a friend who swears she hit the ground once..... ONce there, she met her dead mother and had a chat...... maybe she was mad....


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Researcher 26444 Fenchurch

Aha! Samson I can answer your question...no I'm not dead...I had this dream once of falling off a cliff and I hit the bottom! I was surprised to wake up and remember it all as a dream.
Incidently I have now almost completed my pilots license and just before my final test I had 4 dreams of a car crashing in the same night..each woke me with a start. When I looked this dream up in a book it said "Avoid all froms of travel for a short period as death with surely follow"!!! Still the first part of my flight test went without incident..just waiting on a clear day in Wales to complete the test...might as well bet on myself winning the lottery sooner...

Sweet dreams


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I beleive if you hit the ground in your dreams you are equally bad at flying there as you are when you are awake.


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i dont beleave flying can truly be acheved by man on earth without aid of mecanics (like a plane or hanglider) but in the dream world your mind and spirit can soar,the dream world is more than just pictures in your head it is a place built just for u, the reason dreams can be hard to remember after u wake may be becaus ur mind is separating from ur body and doesnt convert the memory back to your phisical mind. on that note ur phisical body canot live without a mind so if u truly die in ur dreams u may not wake up on earth. but thats just theory. i also beleave in the afterlife u can fly as well but u must earn your wings by comiting noble deeds,

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