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Hmm, slight evidence of egotism...

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I like that - I've been known to do it myself, although more frequently on other sites when I've written the best roleplaying post the world has ever seen... and then the thread sinks without trace through the bottom of the forum.

Hmm, slight evidence of egotism...

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

To me, this is a great demonstration of internet addiction.

11 whole minutes and no reply! Good lord! Whatever shall we do without our instant gratification?

And yes, I've done it before too. It's funny how I try to convince myself that I'm not *really* refreshing the page to see if there is a reply. It's just... uh... nervous behavior. My finger slipped. Or I thought I was reloading another window. Yeah, that's it! smiley - winkeye

Pitiful, really. I should be ashamed of myself. smiley - biggrin

Hmm, slight evidence of egotism...

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Oh you could do what I do, shrug, and go eat some more chocolate.

Hmm, slight evidence of egotism...

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I figured this one was part of the greater collected internet ego. smiley - winkeyeIt reminds me a bit of those Snoopy cartoons where he's writing is rejected by publishers.

Hmm, slight evidence of egotism...

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Poor Snoopy... I seem to recall it happens fairly often.

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