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Time to edit an entry?

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Mr. Legion

I know there may be no real answer to this, but how long does it usually take to edit an entry? I'm considering becoming a sub editor, and I think I should be online enough to meet the one-entry-a-week guideline, but I just want to make sure before I jump in.

Time to edit an entry?

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World Service Memoryshare team

Hi Mr. Legion,

It's a good question. It depends how long the entry is. Usually entries are around 1000 - 2000 words long. The average length of entries for Thursday and Friday last week was 1418 words. However, some are huge things that we divide up into separate entries (take the Vietnam - War and Protest entries, for example: A715024, A664058, A715051, A715060, A715042, A715033. All these were originally one entry).

The other factor to remember is, it depends how much work the entry needs. Some entries need no work at all, so it's a simple case of reading though and perhaps adding and checking links, which takes no time at all. Others need significant amounts of work including GuideML markup and reworking/rewriting. If you take a look at entries in PeerReview you should get a good idea of what's coming up.

Hope that helps and if you've got any other questions, give me a shout smiley - smiley

Time to edit an entry?

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Heron 227790

How about fact checking? Is there an assumption that all the facts will have been fully checked out already or do you subs do that too?

227790 xx

Time to edit an entry?

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Heron 227790

Sorry - I think that answer to that is in the next bit along smiley - smiley


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