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People (and other sentients) in the H2G2 Universe

And in alphabetical order (cos' I like it like that)...

Archbishop Marv the Grate: The Holy Father of the Church of the True Brownie, our stained, err, sainted advisor in all things chocolaty.

Bran the Exporer: Named after the legendary Irish dermatologist, Bran is one of H2G2's resident ancient historians. His entry on King Arthur is damn fine stuff, and his Chronology of the Celts (now with Official Guide Status!) is pretty good too.

ffmike: The Prolific. A prodigious contributor to the h2g2 Historical Society.

Jimi X: Another great contributor, with many fine articles on American History.

Kaeori: An American Kaeori in London - ~ aaooww-ooo! Kaeoris of London! ~ 1 - and an aspiring snooker player.

Monsy: Writer for the h2g2 Post, and baker of exotic brownies.

Spanner: Law student, leftwing activist and liberal user of spanners - makes for a dangerous combination. But Span's a happy Grrl of late, exam-free and a new left-of-centre government to put the world right (so to speak), she's positively amiable.

Zarquon: Contributor to the Historical Society, and my biographer.

1Obligatory Warren Zevon tribute

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