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The ACEs' Code of Conduct

ACEs work as a team, helping our new Researchers find their feet and nestle into their new home. We also watch out for those in need of assistance, finding relevent information which will help them.

ACEs are under no obligation to be online for a specific amount of time, or to greet a certain number of people a month. All we ask is that you welcome new Researchers when you are online and are committed to the site.

If at some point in the future you decide that you no longer wish to be a part of the project, please let us know.

If an ACE stops contributing for an extensive period of time they may be asked to leave the group, but we will always email first, as we fully understand that real-life events take precedence.

Finally, it is vital that ACEs are polite to Researchers. Any critical or negative postings from ACEs could scare off new Researchers, and this will only harm the friendly reputation of h2g2.


ACEs sometimes have to discuss confidential information away from h2g2 itself. It is vital that they are able to keep this information secret, and that it is never discussed outside of the dedicated areas or with other people.

It may be necessary for some information to be passed on to the Moderators and/or Community Editors as problems may go beyond the remit of the ACEs.

All ACEs and Moderators will be asked to give proof of their identity to protect the site and its users. This information will go directly to Not Panicking Ltd and will be kept confidential.

Basic Terms and Conditions of h2g2

This section is just a reminder of the terms and rules you have already agreed to on h2g2, and points out that the same terms and rules apply to the mailing lists associated with the volunteer schemes. We're not asking you to agree to anything new when you become an ACE.

Everyone who participates in h2g2 is bound by the House Rules of the site, and it is particularly important that the ACEs are seen to do so as they represent the public face of h2g2. Anyone being deliberately offensive will be warned and, if necessary, will be removed from the scheme.

Last updated on 15th October 2011.

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