A Conversation for Antibiotics and the Emergence of Bacterial Drug Resistance

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Witty Ditty

Really good-really well thought through, excellently researched, well explained. I like the bit on completing the course of antibiotics-the number of times I've had to explain to others that just because they feel well....blah blah....

I really like the history of the antibiotic, gives a nice flavour of what's to come.

There are a few bits (niggly, yes......) that I thought could have been addressed.
From the point of hygiene education and ward cleaniness-certain people (i.e. some surgeons) who poke bits with bare hands and don't wash said hands properly before poking someone else have been told not to do that.

Also the way the wards are structured now (harder in St. Mary's in the past; they were the old Nightingale wards, easier now in the new block) is to have side wards to 'isolate' high risk patients from others.

A bit that I felt wasn't in the entry (yes this is now very niggly...sorry!) was that not all patients are at risk, only some are (saying this, 100000 people/year die of hospital aquired infections), and those at high risk are those with invasive proccedures i.e. catheters, cannulas and ventilation-something like 7 times more likely per invasive proccedure-so intensive care needs to be as clean as a whistle.

But anyway, this is all just nit picking-it's a really good entry!

Lovely-couldn't have asked for more

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Thanks WittyDitty glad you stopped by smiley - biggrin
It will have gone off to be edited by now so any changes I make to this probably wouldn't be in time because its likely to have been sent of to a sub-editor already but feel free to point things like this out when it finally gets to the front page smiley - smiley

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Lovely-couldn't have asked for more

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