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I'm new! But then, you knew that already didn't you? Can't get one past you I? smiley - winkeye

I found this site while looking for volunteer copy editing opportunities, I work from home so I often have free time on my hands. I look forward to getting to know my way around, and hopefully I'll be able to make some contributions editing and writing in the near future.

I do have one small question to start- Can there be two articles on the same subject? For instance, one article on a personage might give brief biographical information on said personage, but another article might be more focused on this personage's character and philosophy and how these manifest in their works or life. Would these ultimately be merged articles, or does the guide allow for more then one approach and entry on a topic?


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Welcome! Doubly so if you intend to write and edit! smiley - winkeye

There can indeed be two articles on the same subject. We have two sorts of writing on the site, edited and unedited. Edited entries go through a period of PeerReview and are then edited by volunteer sub-editors and read over by paid BBC staff. Unedited entries have no restrictions on them as long as they follow the house rules.

A subject can be covered in both the edited and unedited guides in the exact same way with no problem. However, you can't have two entries on the same subject in the edited guide. They have to look at things in a different way. The example you gave in your post is a pretty good one to explain it.

Does that all make sense?

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