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People often discuss governance as some thing that only applies in a restricked sense.
I think that the subject needs to be looked at in its entirety: looked at as being on a continuum from the village pump to the whole world; with nodules along this continuum. Each nodule being a different level of government: local community, county,region, national. continetal and world. Every subject that needs to be dealt with would be dealt with at the lowest possible level; each level would have input into the level above.
Of course there is the problem of enforcement at each level. At the moment that is not a problem up to national level. The biggest problem comes with world affairs. The U N is the nearest thing that there is to a world government. The UN should have more clout. the way that this could be done is to oblige the permenant members to supply the UN with the armed forces that the security council askes for.
I commened this idea to you.
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