A Conversation for Talking Point: Monarchy or Republic you Decide!

Dumbing down a complex issue

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

I have to say that the opening preamble to this debate is simplistic and facile.

Monarchy = The Government by a monarch, or sovereign head of state.

Republic = A Republic is a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives. A Republic has an elected or nominated president.

The United Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy where the Monarch is the nominal head of State and executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. On that basis it is quite erroneous to consider the UK as a Monarchy as defined above. With one major exception, to all intents and purposes the political system in the UK behaves very much on the same democratic lines as a Republican one. The exception is the office of the Prime Minister which is not an elected one but rather is the head of the political party able to muster a majority in the House of Commons. Our monarch cannot initiate legislation nor have they anything but powers conferred by convention so if you took the words "A Republic has an elected or nominated president" away from the definition of a republic the UK would meet the first and main criteria of that definition.

There are also dozens of different Republican models - if you look at Ireland for example they have an elected head of state in the form of a president but it holds little political or exectuve power. They have a very similar system to us save that their HoS is elected and our is hereditary. It make no practical difference to how the two systems work yet one is nominally a Republic and one is a Monarchy. Yet both work in almost exactly the same way.

Confused ? - that's why this debate is dumbed down, ignores the complexities of the issue and is therefore of little value save to polarise views.

Dumbing down a complex issue

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this country is less democratic than you seem to think.
Look at the way Blair took us into a war. Parliament had no say in that.
Also we have things like the queen in parliament : you don't get that in a republic.
Your a subject not a citizen
You have privileges not rights.
Oh! They may say that you have these things but when push comes to shove then you'l really find out what the situation is.
Any way. how democratic is when the government has the backing of less than half the electorate and a true republic has to, by definition, reflect the wishes of the electorate. In a monarchy it doesn't matter, just like here.smiley - ermsmiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wah

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