Sing While You're Waiting Part 3

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One of our researchers was so affected by the temporary loss of h2g2 that he felt moved to compose song lyrics!

Here are the last three examples of his efforts!

This time I'm taking my inspiration from a classic sci-fi song -
'Space Oddity', written and sung by David Bowie. ;-)

So here it is, from the Thin Alabaster Duke and the Plump Northern

Cyberspace Oddity (Bowie/Ormondroyd

Message board to Mark Moxon.

Message board to Mark Moxon.

Won't you hurry up and put our site back on?

Message board to Mark Moxon.

We're all still here, logging on.

Get some backing, and may Peta be with you...

Lift off!

This is message board to Mark Moxon!

You really made the grade!

And the Researchers still want T-shirts to wear!

Now it's time to leave the Towers, if you dare!

This is Mark Moxon to message board,

There's not much I can say,

So I'm posting in a most peculiar way,

But the website really will be back some day,

Trust me...

And we're drinking from our tin cans,

I mean - working hard!

Classic Goo is blue,

And there's nothing I can do.

Though you've made 2,000 posts or more,

The site still isn't there.

So I hope your browsers know which way to go.

But we really will be coming back, you know!

Message board to Mark Moxon,

The site's still closed,

It seems so wrong!

Can you hear us, Mark Moxon?

Can you hear us, Mark Moxon?

Can you hear us, Mark Moxon?

Can you hear...

And we're drinking from our tin cans.

And we're feeling blue.

No h2g2,

And there's nothing we can do. :-(

This song is dedicated to Dragonfly, since it's set to a tune
originally sung by none other than Ringo Starr - namely, The
Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine'.

Yahoo! Message Board (Lennon/McCartney/Ormondroyd)

On the site we used to know,

There were plenty of places to go.

Virtual pubs, a virtual beach;

But now, sadly, they're all out of reach.

We were lost in cyberspace,

Exiled from our favourite place,

Lost the site that we adored,

Then we found this message board!

(Chorus): We all post on a Yahoo! message board,

A Yahoo! message board,

A Yahoo! message board.

We all post on a Yahoo! message board,

A Yahoo! message board,

A Yahoo! message board.

And our friends are all aboard

Many more of them post next door1

So we've found places to play...

Brass band plays a quick burst of 'I Left My Leg On Jaglan Beta'

(Repeat chorus)

And we live a life of ease,

Though we'd still like our site back, please!

Good to know that we'll soon be

Surfing on the BBC!

(Repeat chorus until h2g2 returns)

Well, we've had some Beatles here, so I thought it was time for some Stones. May I offer, to the tune of The Rolling Stones' '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction':

(I Can't Get No) h2g2 (Jagger/Richards/Ormondroyd)

I can't get no h2g2,

I can't get no h2g2,

Though I wait, and I wait, and I post, and I post,

I can't get no,

No no no!

When I'm starin' at my screen,

And an ad pops up and tells me,

Just how cool some site can be,

But it can't be as great as the one website

That we all long to see!

I can't get no,

No no no - hey hey hey,

Save what I say!

When I watch the BBC,

And the news comes on and shows me

Just how cold this world can feel,

But there's a relaunch date that the BBC

Just will not reveal!

I can't get no - no no no,

Hey hey hey - when is that day?

When I'm surfin' round the web,

And I'm postin' this and downloadin' that,

And I try to reach our site,

And it says: 'Hitch-hiker come back - maybe next week'

Don't they know our website was unique?

I can't get no h2g2!

No h2g2!

No h2g2!

(Repeat with increasing impatience) :-(

All written in the best possible taste by

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1This is, of course, a reference to The Temporary h2g2 Board

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