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The Vikimg aorcraft was a twin engine =not four engined.

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Hi all,

I have just noticed that the picture of the aircraft feature with the memoir I wrote features a four -engined airraft. I am not sure what it is but it could possibly be a Lancaster bomber which had four engines I believe.

The Vickers Viking was an aircraft which had only two engines.

However evem if it had had four engines, the loss of the wing due to metal fatigue was totally fatal to this real workhorse of civil aviation of the '50's

Saturday 13th June, 2009


The Vikimg aorcraft was a twin engine =not four engined.

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My apologies for the typological errors in the subject of this entry. It should read

The Viking aircraft was/is a twin-engined aircraft - not a four-engined aircraft.

The photograph shows a four-engined aircraft which could possibly be a Lancaster bomber, but I am not sure about that.

Please could my heading be corrected. I have made typo errors before, and I believe that it is imporrible to correct them. It would be good if there could be a method devised by Sam to correct mistakes like this.

My explanation is that it is actually the middle of the night - well actually 1.50 BST and I have been tidying the kitchen and just came to say Hi to my favourite website. I saw the picture and thought

!My goodness! I must correct that error in showing a four-engined aircraft."

Again my apologies for the typing errors.


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The Vikimg aorcraft was a twin engine =not four engined.

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