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STRANGELY STRANGE ( A brain on a spring )

Blimey, AlsoRan is in the Post!
....well done with an interesting story!


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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

smiley - applause


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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

This is a very moving piece, it certainly makes you think of all the unsung heroes. Too often we take people for granted, when a word of thanks can make all the difference from feeling taken for granted or ignored, to doing a good job and being appreciated.

I recall bumping into the train driver as he vacated his compartment after we had arrived at Kings X and I was already walking down the platform. Other people had skirted around him saying nothing but I made a point of thanking him for our safe journey. He looked surprised but smiled and said "My pleasure"smiley - biggrin

Thank you for writing this, Christiane, and the Post Team member for editing it.

smiley - galaxysmiley - diva


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DEar Strangely Strange, Optical Illusion and Galaxie Babe,

Thank you for having replied to the non-existent article entitled as this heading "AlsoRan".

When I wrote it in my journal I called it

"The CAA Viking Crash in Tanganyka in 1953"

This now appears to have disappeard from the Post and there is this strange heading of AlsoRan

I believe that you all wrote very kindly about an article I had written about the CAA airdraft which had crashed in Tanganyka in 1953. As already explained it first appeared in my journal on the 3rd |June2009

B'Elana subsequently wrote to me and informed me that it had been chosen by the Post Team to be publisehd on the back page of the Post.

I duely thanked her and was just writing to thank the three people who had commented on it IN THE POST when i noticed that the title no longer seems to appear on the back page of the Post.

am I dreaming ? Did the three very complimentary remarks refer to what had appeared in the Post? I wonder why it does not appear any more? Or am I once again misreading it. all the other articles appear to be mentioned and I particularly want to download from the Post for very personal reasons.

My children were all very young at the time and quite obviously I did not mention the fact that their father had flown the very aircraft that had crashed, twice that week. I obviously suffered a great deal of angst when the Viking on it's third flight that week, lost a wing and plummeted to earth, bearing in mind that my late husband had flown it twice that week as copilot.

How can I retreieve that particular contribution from the Post particularly when it does not appear on my computer.? Is it me or is it because it has been withdrawn? I notice some mention about the BBC not accepting responsibility for any other comments. I really would like to know.

thanking you anyone who can help. ?

I find it strange to see my pseudonym as the subject of an article. !


The CAA Viking Crash in Tanganyka in 1953

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello Christiane,
Your article is here, this is a conversation thread attached to it; Strangely began a conversation because he read it in the post, though I presume he put "AlsoRan" in the subject box in the hopes that you would know the comment he made was for you (the author) to read. We just posted after him...

I have changed the title for you, so you can tell the difference between a conversation thread and an "Entry"smiley - ok

Here is The Post article for you to download: A52843584
and it should also be in your list of (unedited) entries on your Personal Space.

Kind regards,

Galaxy Babe

The CAA Viking Crash in Tanganyka in 1953

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Very dear GB.

Thank you so much for your explanation. I really do not know all the ropes and how to find things. I am really getting to be my age and think that I just take a smiley - lurking presence something I have never done. !!

I must admit that family politics are quite difficult and I am feeling the strain.

Thank you for changing the title. You are a gentle loving friend.
Thank you so much.

Wednesday 17th June 2009 6.10 BST


The CAA Viking Crash in Tanganyka in 1953

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Very dear GB,

Is it possible to change the name of Also ran on my personal space page? That is where the title of "The Viking Aircrash in Tanganyka in 1953" should go it should not be also Ran.

It looks as if it is going to be a lovely day. I have the whole of my brothers family coming to lunch today. There will be twelve of us. My garden on my verandah is looking lovely, it looks as if the sun is going to smile on us today and so I am hoping to have a lovely day with my beautiful new green hair. I have not dared to look in the mirror yet. I may be the first octogenarian who has all my hair shaved off. the skinhead gran!!

With much affection

We, 17/06/09 6.45 BST


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