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Alright then assembled editors and censors. I haven't been on this thing in nigh on 6 months and yet I'm STILL on Pre-mod. I know its stupid, you know its stupid, EVERYBODY knows its stupid. So why don't you just take me off pre-mod so I can talk to my mates? Makes sense don;t you agree? And, also if I remember my history I was only put on Pre-Mod due to some...um...altercations with another member of this community who has long since departed this place. I only come on here to talk with my mates Bovril Kinf and Mrs Bojangles. I am aware that this is not about all that and one should contribute etc but they won't come over to myspace (which is where I reside now to take the piss out of whomever I please may I add!), I don't blame them as they LOVE this place and the least I can do is rock up here every now and then and have a chat. So, that said, can you take me off and the sooner the better.

Peace and much love to you all on this hot and sticky day.

Yr pal,


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