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Here are the adjudged results of the recent caption competition held by h2g2 after the pictures from the last meet appeared. Details of how to claim your Teeshirt if you were a winner will appear on the 'Competition Details' page very soon.

Competition Details

Look! No hands!
  1. Where's his bleedin' Off-switch?

  2. Fruitbat (Eric the)

  3. This is what we like to call the T-spot. Just press right here and...
    there you go! His hands shoot RIGHT up!

  4. Sad, mad or bad?(or Buttercup)

  5. Of course they're not fake, feel them!

  6. Dr E Vibenstein

Abi and DD
  1. DD to Abi: See? I told you I'd brought tequila-flavoured condoms!

  2. Archangel Galaxy Babe

  3. Abi: I've never seen one do *that* before...

  4. Cupid Stunt

  5. I've been at all day! It's a blast! I attach this small mirror to the
    end of my shoe and walk about in crowded places...

  6. Zeppo Kahn

  1. Ashley inexplicably finds his inner peace practising the Macarena.

  2. Tim

  3. Look, according to Mark we are supposed to be camping over here...

  4. Bruce

  5. "Catalogue Man" demonstrates the finer points of his art.

  6. Showpony

MaW, Smiley Ben, the Duck
  1. He tried to decide which gift he liked less, the duck or the novelty rucksack...

  2. Uncle Gretch

  3. I said, 'I hope I get lucky!'

  4. Isn't he just the sweetest, cuddliest thing you've ever seen?
    And the duck's not bad either...

  5. Dr E Vibenstein

Mmm, This Smells of...
  1. Ashley: I'm telling you I can fit this bottle up my nose. DD: That's nothing -
    I can fit a pint up my nose!
    Mina: How much alcohol do you think I can fit up MY nose, FC?

  2. Bluebottle

  3. Capt'n! The smelling salts aren't working! I'm giving it
    everything I have!

  4. Sad, mad or bad?(or Buttercup)

  5. The h2g2 Seance was going well until Ashley and Demon Drawer took the
    opportunity to steal the girls' drinks.

  6. Peregrin

Hot Gossip
  1. Don't make a scene or anything, but I think your Nigel Mansell
    blow up doll is deflating

  2. Duncan 'Spearcarrier' Jones

  3. They were having a splendid evening until the man in the red ball cap
    sat down unexpectedly and began to express his disappointment at having
    learned that Deep Purple had disbanded.

  4. Zeppo Kah

  5. Mark, not quite mastering how to surreptitiously put your arm
    'round a girl.

  6. Bruce

h2g2 Girlz!
  1. Tonight, Matthew, we're going to be All Saints!

  2. Dr E Vibenstein

  3. Living proof that Mark really does say that to all the girls...

  4. Just zis Guy you know?

  5. Tinky-Winky! Dipsy! La-La! Po!

  6. Coelacanth

The Editor
  1. The Count seemed friendly, but Penelope was still concerned that he
    cast no reflection in the mirror.

  2. Lucinda aka My Red Dice

  3. On the set of Hawaii Five-O there is a tense moment as Mark realises
    someone has nicked his oar.

  4. Livzy

  5. On the surface Mark seemed happy, but deep down he knew everybody
    was laughing at him.

  6. Peregrin

Munchkin Finds...
  1. I wish I'd sneezed into my hankie now...

  2. Just zis Guy you know?

  3. Okay, you can come out, but only if you promise not to mention my waistcoat again...

  4. Antique toolshopman

  5. Munchkin discovers it's a bad idea to wave to your mates at a Sotherby's auction

  6. Showpony

Nexus 7
  1. How much wax can You get out of one ear?

  2. Bluebottle

  3. Following the introduction of random drug tests into ten-pin bowling,
    NexusSeven was chosen to provide a sample.

  4. Dr E Vibenstein

  5. Sorry! I lost the little bottle you gave me, Doctor. Is this enough?

  6. Livzy

Pastey. Just Pastey.
  1. Confucious says, acupuncture by 'chips' never leads man to full enlightenment...

  2. Livzy

  3. You see this off switch by Pastey's ear?
    If you just turn it off like this... *THUD*

  4. Bluebottle

  5. Pastey skillfully prevents table from floating away.

  6. Croz

Shazz of The Post
  1. Shazz has just found out that someone has actually finished a Post article
    *before* the deadline.

  2. Bruce

  3. Oh please, good people, got some change for the homeless?

  4. Kheldar

  5. Penny for the Guy?

  6. Dr E Vibenstein

  7. My mom told me that there was always ONE wacko on every bus.
    I've never seen one on ANY bus I've ever ridden...

  8. Cloughie

Suck, Abi, Suck! Suck Abi, Suck...
  1. Having been out of the room when Zebedee shouted,
    "Last one to finish their drink takes all their clothes off",
    Abi had no idea why everyone was applauding.

  2. Dr E Vibenstein.

  3. The h2g2 Meet-up group give Abi a standing ovation for her beer-gargling
    rendition of 'Love Me Tender'.

  4. Peregrin

  5. The entire group applauded Abi for overcoming her drinking problem.

  6. Jimi X

Towel Master
  1. Which of you bastards hung my drink from the ceiling with
    a bit of string?

  2. Zeppo Khan

  3. And as 'Stayin' Alive!' began to play, the threat of thermonuclear war
    paled into insignificance next to the threat of another John Travolta impression...

  4. Raven

  5. Who says he can't hold his beer?

  6. Bruce


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