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This page is to give more information on the Hermes Messenger Service.
If you don't exactly know if you would like to use our service or if you are wondering what the deal really is... then this is the right place for you.

Sending a message using the Hermes Messenger Service is quite simple. All you have to do is write an email to [email protected]. Please include in your message the desired recipient name (plaintext and h2g2 UserNumber), the message body and whether or not you would like to be identified as the originator of the message. If you do wish to be identified then please include your h2g2 name and usernumber. If you do not wish to be identified then please do not specify this information.


We have chosen email as to preserve anonymity as far as possible. We will not (never ever) give out your address to anybody or anything. Upon delivery of the message your email-message will be deleted immediately. We do not track you down or hunt you1.
This also means that it is completely pointless to ask us whether or not your message has been delivered yet. We don't even know ourselves who sent the messages we have delivered thus far. And please don't ask us if your message might still be in the pipe. That would be a severe insult and treated accordingly.

Quality of Service

We deliver at the Speed of Hermes.

Message Delivery

The messages are delivered by placing a new conversation to the recipient's personal space. This conversation will have the title "A Message Delivery from Hermes". The message itself will look like this:

[Originator]2 has sent you a message using the Hermes Messaging Service:

[Your Message Here]3


This message was delivered using the Hermes Messaging Service (

HMS. Delivering at the Speed of Hermes

Currently Known Hermes Messengers

This is a list4 of all currently active members of the Hermes Messaging Service.

If you would like to join our glorous team, feel free to send an email to [email protected].
Please include in your application your motivation to join and why we should exactly pick you as a new messenger. And don't worry - we are not cannibals. We apreciate any help we can get.

1Why would we want to?2[Originator] will be replaced by either your name (and link to your personal space) or the text "Somebody you know " - this depends upon whether or not you have chosen to inlcude your h2g2 name and usernumber.3[Your Message Here] will be replaced by the message body provided4in alphabetical Order

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