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Every day five new approved entries are recommended on the
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most users as they focus around their own page. This weekly article points out and reviews the five most entertaining and interesting entries of the week. This week it has been extremely difficult to narrow it down to five - they're just so good.

  • Cockroaches
    explains this amazingly tough yet 'icky' insect. It includes information on all the extreme circumstances the roach can handle. I wonder if the researchers tested these! Can't quite imagine a respectable research laboratory putting a cockroach in a microwave! It moves on to writing about a specific roach and then the most important information about roaches... how to kill them. To finish off, a delicious recipe is given. Mmmmm... tasty...

  • Pound Shops describes these
    useless 'shops'. It is high time someone warned the public of their malevolent doings! The people who should be shown the most sympathy are the bargain-hunters; those that must get a good bargain to make a purchase but, unfortunately, they buy anything that is made to
    sound like a good deal. I think I'm describing my Dad... better move swiftly on...

  • Moving House tells of this
    horrifying experience and why it should be avoided at all costs. It subliminally gives good advice to any that try to do this glorious act. In practice, however, it is likely that after five minutes
    of trying to pack stuff in an orderly and well-organised manner, the event this article describes will occur. But, oh, that new house looks soooo good... Question is, is it worth all that agony?

  • Chocolate Bourbon Creams talks
    fondly (or is that profoundly?!?) of this typically British biscuit (if it's permitted to be called biscuit, that is!). For those not familiar with chocolate bourbons just imagine an Oreo, turn the 'White Stuff' brown and remove flavour. Ahhh... Doesn't that just make your mouth water? The entry goes on to explain the different methods of eating a bourbon. This is done wonderfully... I never knew that I ate them according to the Scrape Method.

  • Scallies describes this all-too-common creature and its routine with great accuracy. How they migrate, their habitat, feeding nature and their bright track suits. Yes, unfortunately, us 'Southerners' do associate them with Liverpool, but that's their fault sharing a city with them ;-). After all, don't Liverpool inhabitants associate Londoners with... hmmm... what was my point again?

Mr Cynic

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