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A lone soldier against an industrial landscape.

Firestorm – Episode 1 Part 5

An audio book written and narrated by Terran and produced by 2legs, with additional music by Roymondo. To hear this episode, click on this link to the h2g2 Aviators website".

Corporal Karl Boach, Talia O’Neill, and the young Kevin Rogers, walked in to an abandoned boarded-up house as quietly as they could.

'Right,' said Karl, 'We have to wait now for the others to contact us.'

'Who are the others?' asked Kevin.

'The other members of our team.' said Talia.

'Okay Kevin, now I need you to sit over here for a while, while me and Miss O'Neill discuss a few things. All right?' said Boach.

Kevin nodded and walked into the other room.

Boach waited until he'd gone before he commented to Talia:

'He hardly looks like someone who's holding the universe together.'

'It doesn't work like that, Karl,' said Talia. 'It's complicated...'

'Yeah, I know. A relic like me doesn't understand stuff like that.'

Talia looked at him. 'I don't mean that. No one really fully understands the complexities of Space and Time Travel. It's more a feeling than a science. So we're all equal.'

'Yeah, well, Beiphlat seems to understand it all right. How long is he going to take? We'd have had this sorted by now, if he'd been quicker.'

Talia shook her head, 'Look he's doing his best. He can't go any quicker than time allows, it could take days...'

Boach 'humphed'. 'Yeah. Time. It's all his fault anyway.'

Talia turned on Boach:

'No! They would have won if Beiphlat hadn't stopped them. He saved us all! Could you imagine a universe ran by those... Those things?'

Boach raised his eyebrows and sighed. He shook his head.

'This is all insane.'

Talia just looked out of a gap in the boarded-up window. Boach continued...

'So, what are we going to tell the boy? How can we tell him something like that? The kid is screwed up enough with losing his parents.'

'We'll wait until we've set the co-ordinates to a safe location, and then we can go about starting to put history right again,' said Talia.

'Right?' Boach quizzed. 'It's never going to be right. I mean what is right now, anyway?'

'Right in a way that we don't have to deal with those things. So that we're no longer temporal anomalies.'

'That guy you were with can't come back, you know.'

Talia grunted, and turned on Boach again.

'What do you know about him anyway? You weren't quick enough to save him. You should have saved him!'

'Saved him?! I was lucky to get out alive! I saved us all!'

Talia was about to respond but Kevin walked back into the room, hearing the noise. Talia and Karl both looked at Kevin, and then felt guilty.

'Are you okay, Kevin?' said Talia.

'I just heard something moving outside.' Kevin indicated to the side of the building.


Corporal Boach was suddenly alert. He ran to the side door to have a look. There was some rustling.

'Quick! We've got to get out of here!'

As he spoke a canister came through the door, and smoke started piling up.


Boach grabbed Kevin and ran through the wooden boards at the back of the house.

'Oww! God... Talia?!' Boach called back...

'Come on!'

But she had succumbed to the gas. Boach went back to get her, but he saw the police come following in.

Boach smashed through the fence panel at the back as it backed on to a road, pulling the kid with him. He kept running, holding the kid in his arms.

Good job the boy was light.

Boach knew he had to get the attention of their friends...


Talia had collapsed on the floor. DI Erwerk looked down at her. He blinked.

'Take her. We'll need her.'

He walked on and looked at the back garden.

'Why was no one checking around the back?' Erwerk blinked.

Sorry. We hadn't checked the layout of the road.' said DC Travers.

'Well follow them. We have to get that man. He had a boy with him. We need the boy.'


Travers looked at what he thought was his superior officer in mild confusion at the way he phrased that last point, but decided to ignore it, and then radioed to the police team a brief description of what they were looking for.

There was something different about his boss he couldn't quite place.

His boss blinked, and walked out...

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