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A lone soldier against an industrial landscape.

Firestorm – Episode 1 Part 3

An audio book written and narrated by Terran and produced by 2legs, with additional music by Roymondo. To hear this episode, click on this link to the h2g2 Aviators website.

Karl and Talia looked in horror as they saw Kevin get into the van. There was no time to stop, they kept running towards it. The man next to the van spotted them, and quickly got in the driver's seat.

'No!' shouted Talia, as she heard the engine turn out, with them a few hundred yards away.

Talia ran for her bike while Karl ran for the main road – as he thought there still might be a chance to catch the van.

Just as the van turned the corner, Boach launched himself at the van and grabbed hold of the bars on the roof, clinging on for dear life, and slamming back against the side of the van, creating an almighty bang...

'What's going on?' said Kevin from inside the van.

The driver looked at his side view mirrors and grimaced.

'Nothing Kevin. Nothing to worry about.'

'Kevin!' Yelled Boach from outside the van:

'Kevin! Can you hear me?'

Behind them Talia, on her motor bike, came up to them. She shook her head at Boach, but thought she'd better give him some help, and went to give the van something to distract him with. She went to overtake the van.

The van violently lurched as it tried to shake off its unwanted passenger. Kevin had now decided he wanted to get off, and started to try and open the door from the inside, but it was locked shut. But the handle was quite old, and managed to break in his hands. Kevin was thrown to the other side of the van.

The driver was now trying to avoid crashing into a lamp post after being distracted by a motorbike, and ended up driving on the embankment before he managed to pull it back onto the road. Talia moved back behind the van to avoid an oncoming car.

Boach tried to manoeuvre himself so that he could grab hold of the outside handle to get Kevin, but it wouldn't budge. He didn't know if this was because his position on the van was preventing him from putting his full strength into it. He decided to go for the driver's door, this time with his foot. Amazingly, the driver had left this unlocked, and the door swung open... And back again. Boach used this opportunity to jump towards the driver, but only managed to grab the steering wheel, pulling the van to one side.

'The child is ours!' yelled the driver.

Why do you want him?' said Boach, clinging on for dear life.

By this time, the van was basically going all over the road.

'For the same reasons you want the child,' exclaimed the driver.

'To make the Universe in our image!'

With this the driver flung an elbow in the face of Karl, and sent him flying – just avoiding Talia. She moved on towards the van...

In the van, Kevin was concentrating. He was focusing on the handle he had just broken. Fear was welling up inside him. He suddenly started recalling dreams. Dreams of terror... Something unlocked in his brain and time stood still...

As Talia approached the van, she could feel time moving slower. She had just reached the door, but the door seemed to disintegrate before her onto the floor, and she could see Kevin with his head on his knees concentrating. She remembered calling out to him, but it seemed ridiculously slow. He looked up at her quickly, and ran towards her. As he jumped towards her, reaching out, it was as if there was an explosion. As she grabbed hold of Kevin, she was thrown backwards from the back onto the grass verge at the side, and the van was thrown up into the air, with Time returned to normal, and appeared to spin in mid-air before crashing on the ground upside down – and exploded!

When she came to, she was still clutching Kevin, and Boach was looking over to her in terror – although, agony could have been an equally representative expression, as he had been flung from a moving vehicle.

'What happened?' asked Boach.

'I'm not sure...' She looked down at Kevin in her arms, who was shaking.

'But I think it's all down to Kevin.'

'We've got to get out of here. Now!' said Boach, looking around at the chaos.

Talia nodded, 'Yes.'

She gingerly picked herself up, and they decided to lose themselves in the back streets of the local area...

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