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Some digital cameras, pic taken by h2g2 Photographer Aurora.

Opti – An h2g2 Photographers Volunteer

A couple of Christmases ago I received a camera from my dad. Well, I'm not one for mod–cons, so I put it aside and didn't use it. Like the handheld Sudoku product and MP3 player my sister bought me, all three were given to me and only one of these things is completely out of its packaging and being used.

That little handheld, portable, device we call a camera has made its way out of the box and been used to create pictures for published work such as the local free newspaper and the BBC's h2g2.

Okay, so how did I get from not touching the camera, to having my pictures published? I hear you question. Well, from time to time I like to give myself a challenge, learn a new skill and become more than just plain me.

I noticed other people's pictures featured on some Edited Entries in the Guide, and that a volunteer programme called h2g2 Photographers had been established. I contacted them, and the next thing I knew, I was throwing myself into taking pictures for Edited Guide Entries which had been awaiting a blob, or preferably, a photograph. It is run very democratically, with everyone in the volunteer group having a vote for their favourite photographs. The one with the most votes being put forward to the h2g2 Editors for approval.

Okay, I am running ahead of you all aren't I? I've gotten so excited about this group that I've forgotten to tell you how the others in the group can access your photos. It's not telepathy or psychic powers, although some may like to think they have them, but in fact computers that are at our fingertips help us share this information.

The step by step process of allowing others to view your photos goes like this:

a) Contact the h2g2 Photographers homepage and request to join the Group.

B) Follow all instructions for joining Yahoo carefully.

C) Take a suitable photo and wire the camera up to the computer using the necessary computer cables.

D) Make sure you are signed up to Yahoo and are able to use the h2g2 Photographers space there.

E) Have you created an album? Having an album will allow you to keep all your photos together in one place.

F) Using the upload facility add your photos to your album.

Et voila! Now you can snap and flash to your hearts content and submit photos to the h2g2 Photographers Volunteer Group.

I am the proud owner of five photos on h2g2, all of them were voted for by other members of the group, to whom I am greatly thankful 1. I have another photograph which I had taken in line with my entry on the Headington Shark, the Group Moderators ensured the photo was attached before the Entry reached the Front Page. You don't always need to submit photos through the requests of the Volunteer Group; you can look to see what entries are coming up and take a snap for them!

Oh! A couple more things, make sure you buy long lasting batteries, take plenty of pictures and always make sure you have a camera on you, to ensure you can capture great moments on film.

Good luck and Happy Snapping!

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1When exhibiting your photographs for selection you are not allowed to show your name.

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