Diary of the 'Situation' Part 2

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There was no shooting on Gilo (my neighbourhood) for a few days now. There is a rumor that a secret agreement was reached between Israeli secret service chief and his Palestinian counterpart, that Gilo is to be taken out of the conflict.

With this in mind my wife and I decided to go and see a play in the Jerusalem Theater, and we left our parents as babysitters with our kid. When we returned, my mother said that there was a prolonged incident of shootings, apparently triggered by a death of a Palestinian in nearby Bethlehem. While, as I wrote in earlier entries, we rarely hear the shots, my mother with her keener ears, heard everything. So... no agreement and no return to normalcy for us.

Everyday I partake in at least one conversation about the political situation over here. Yet I am not sure I want to start writing in this journal about my uptake of the political side of things. Here are the reasons why:

  • a) It is too complicated and a true description of my views will demand a good volume of writing.

  • b) The whole setup is too controversial, perhaps will upset some of the readers and turn them off. Maybe I should just stick to the description of my personal experiences without commentary.

  • c) Too much negative energy.

I will be glad to hear what you, the readers of my journal (if there are any) think. If you have specific questions, or think I should expand on something, please write me.

Anyway, as sort of a background, I posted an entry about the Temple Mount. If you read it and think it is good, please recommend it for editing!


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