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A little bit different this week. It's not so much a site that I've found that I like, but a page.
is a Unit Calculator. You fill in the boxes with what
you drank last night, or even what you're drinking at the moment, and it works out how many British Units of
alcohol you've consumed. Pretty dull, but it also tells you the state of your hangover, which is why I like it.

It's geared towards beer drinkers, and it takes a little mental arithmatic to work out what to put in if you
drink something like wine or spirits, but I was able to do it, so it's not too hard.

In England the number of units before you fail a drink drive test is 2 and this page makes you realise how little
that actually is. I put in my Saturday nights consumption and was told that I was a "Beer Monster!" having
imbibed 37.6 units of alcohol.

But I would ask that all of us who drive to just put in their average nights drinking and see exactly how many
units that translates as. There is a lot of confusion of the legal limit in England, whether it's one unit or two,
one pint or two. Just use this little calculator as an eye opener.


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