Ripley 1.2.

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Although this isn't a complete list of new features in the forthcoming
Ripley 1.2 version of h2g2, these are probably the biggest changes that
you'll see. We hope to release the next version on early November, but it's
not carved in stone.

  • Streamlined Registration
    The registration process has been totally revamped to remove the need
    for new Researchers to check their email accounts before getting their
    registration cookie. Registration is now almost instantaneous and simply
    requires new Researchers to set passwords for their new accounts. The
    registration emails have also been rewritten from scratch.

  • Subscribing to Conversations
    Researchers can now subscribe to Conversations (removing the need to
    'bookmark' Conversations you want to follow with empty postings),
    unsubscribe from Conversations (thus removing them from the Recent
    Conversations list on their Personal Spaces), and subscribe to entire
    Conversation forums (in which case any new Conversations in those forums
    will show up on Personal Spaces automatically). All this makes managing
    conversation on h2g2 much, much easier.

  • Improved Search Mechanism
    The default search now searches the whole Guide, and the results are
    returned in a much more logical order than before. Each match is given a
    percentage score, and the results are ordered by that score, rather than
    just by entry number (as was previously the case).

  • Newbies Page
    A new feature, the New Researchers page, lists Researchers who've
    joined within a certain, specifiable time span, and enables you to restrict
    the list to those who have filled in their Personal Spaces (those you can
    talk to, in other words).

  • Share and Enjoy
    The new Share and Enjoy feature enables Researchers to invite their
    friends to join h2g2.

  • New Smileys
    The range of smileys has been increased considerably. You can see a sneak preview in the following article!

Mark Moxon

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