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Left hand-shake

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Yvonne aka india

Does anyone know why this came into being, not anything to do with the right-hand salute, surely. Most all organizations salute with their right hand and still shake with their right.

Just wondering, as having gone through the movement from Brownies to Young leaders, I have grown up shaking hands with my left. This has caused fuddling now I'm shaking hands with proper grown-ups, and even when they offer me their right hand, I still automatically reach out with my left. This leads to some interesting quirky grasps. :smiley - erm/

Do other once-brownies have this internal confusion too?

Left hand-shake

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Bald Bloke

This seems to repeat the storey as I was taught it.

Left hand-shake

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Bald Bloke

And yes I do tend to get confused when shaking hands in the "normal World"

Left hand-shake

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SashaQ - happysad

Yes, that information is in the Handshake entry too A20363267

I was only in 'the movement' for about 5 years, which isn't *very* long, but it did take a little bit of getting used to after I entered the world of right hand shakes smiley - laugh

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