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Analyse me : Bright Blue Shorts

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Bright Blue Shorts

Me first, me first. Tell me all about me smiley - winkeye

Analyse me : Bright Blue Shorts

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Martin Harper

just too let you know I finally saw this message... I'll get a reply to you soon, I hope... smiley - smiley

Analyse me : Bright Blue Shorts

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Martin Harper

right - got some time on my hands - lets try this thing out again... smiley - winkeye

"Bright Blue" is most likely a colour, and that's what I'm going to interpret it as (the alternative would be that 'bright' is a seperate concept (perhaps intelligence) than 'blue shorts' - unlikely).

I do love colours in names - they're wonderfully evocative of moods and emotions and all that good stuff. A normal blue I would associate with a slightly detached, strong but silent type - but a bright blue is much friendlier than that - and almost forced so. I detect someone who's fairly shy au naturelle, but forces themselves to be a little more outgoing and sociable because it's needed in life.

Shorts... hmm - well first impressions are that this is possibly more likely to be a guy - shorts are sorta male clothes - I'd expect "Bright Blue Skirt" from a lady - though of course that's a **very** small indicator, so I won't read too much into it.

What else - well why shorts? They're not hugely popular in general (especially at this time of year) - could be a runner, or someone who lives in a hot clime.

What else... well capitalisation is normal - so no real clues there - BBS is the initials, which might be linked to the old Bulletin Boards or BBS' they had in the early days of the 'net - or might not.

Well, it's pretty late, so that's all I can think of... sorry smiley - sadface

Analyse me : Bright Blue Shorts

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Bright Blue Shorts

Ok let's see how well you scored .....

Name BBS derives from shorts I was wearing one day. So the colour is "Bright blue" rather than bright being about intelligence. 1 mark.

"someone who's fairly shy au naturelle, but forces themselves to be a little more outgoing and sociable because it's needed in life". Well I'm not too sure about this one. I think that it's one of those statements you could tell to about 100 people and 95 of them would say it matches them. There's a name for that type of statement, but I can't think of it. It's what newspaper astrologers and palm readers use when talking to clients. Seems like you're going to do well smiley - winkeye If pressed I would have to say that the statement isn't too true of me.

Shorts - a guy. Correct again.

"A runner or someone who lives in hot climes". Have done running, but I wouldn't put it down as no.1 sport. Actual reason for shorts is a comfort thing. Big hairy legs get uncomfortable in trousers, but shorts can be worn most of the year (if there are enough hairs)! No marks there then.

BBS, bulletin boards etc. don't know anything about that sort of thing.

So overall you rated 2 out of 5. Must try harder smiley - winkeye Actually it was all interesting stuff though, amazing how much can be read into a name whether correctly or not. Thanks.

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