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any meaning here?

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Bubbles the Wandering Thingite Theoretical Mind (I am Heaven.)

So, would there be any significance to Uuurgh, beyond the possibly ovious meaning of the word(?) itself?

any meaning here?

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Researcher 170889

More depth (and depression) than AAAAGH, where EYUUUUGH would indicate distate - the sound UUURGH adds to the feeling of distaste to the point of blowing chunks; In "I never promised you a Rose garden' the author (and fictionalized subject) or the book, which a novel on madness, referred to the 'god' that ruled her madness as Ur, which is also the city whence came the rigid and patriarchal Abraham of the Bible - the one who tried to sacifice his only son. Now - other than death and destruction, i don't see much meaning...

any meaning here?

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Bubbles the Wandering Thingite Theoretical Mind (I am Heaven.)

gurrrrrrrrrrrrrgh to you too.

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