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What about mine?

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Tilly - back in mauve

It's a bit like "Tell me your name, and I will say who you are" smiley - winkeye

Okay, maybe mine is not the best challenge, but I can tell you this: It is not my real name!

I just to call myself TC IV, so you can try that one too when you're at it!

And another challenge; If it's not my real name, what is? (Starts with T...) *Laugh evil laughter*

What about mine?

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Chairman Mei

It wouldn't be "TILLULA" would it?
The Chairman

What about mine?

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Tilly - back in mauve

I don't think so... smiley - biggrin

What about mine?

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Chairman Mei

Does that mean it's open to question? smiley - silly

What about mine?

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Researcher 170889

Was not there a french general named Tilly? And Tilly is nickname for mathilda the names of several English queens - including the wife of William the Conqueror, the assumed name of Henry I's wife Editha after she was married to him (nickname 'Good Queen Mold' was rather less attracrtive than 'Tilly' would have been), And The Empress Mathilda, Henry's daughter lay waste England in her battle with King Stephen for possesion of England (whether or not she induulged in evil laughter when she did so is not recorded). Tilly also sounds like Tilling, the town inhabited by Lucia in E.F.Benson's books, was it not? Lucia was extremely arrogant and the final book of the seven is called "Queen Lucia". Add to this the Roman numeric IV after your other name, plus the challengeto figure it all out with little evidence and we have someone who is high on his/herself (if the former, also a bit confused) *evil laughter right back at ya!*

What about mine?

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Tilly - back in mauve

*Cough, cough* Um... Well, time for me to tell what it is... It is... *drumroll* TILDE!

Now, stop laughing! It's true! I admit it... It's true. My name will always be Tilde.

The very reason I call myself Tilly is that foreigners (especially Englishmen) pronounce 'Tilde' in such a way I'm always thinking of throwing up! When I was young my mother also was thinking of calling me Tiril... But it became Tilde.

Now, many people think that my real name is Mathilde/Mathilda, and I've shortened it, but always, with a sigh, I must correct them.

So... that is the terrible secret of my life. The name that always will haunt me...


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