A Conversation for The Meanings of Usernames

Cycle analyst

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Chairman Mei

Um, I guess that answers my question... I seem to have disappeared from the face of the conversation... Crikey, even mei name isn't worth a comment! smiley - winkeye

Cycle analyst

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Martin Harper

I'm just *very* busy with exams - I've got finals from now till Thurs!

Your time will come, I promise... smiley - smiley

Cycle analyst

Post 3

Chairman Mei

Been there, done that, and let me tell you my son (daughter?) - damn, looking for a smiley for "Patronises in a kindly, sat my finals yonks ago way" - you'd have been better off leaving school when you could, getting a job at the local factory, marrying the boy/girl next door, going to Marbella for your hols and enjoying secretly downloading pictures of scantily clad young ladies/gentlemen on your PC that is otherwise used for pretending your in the middle of the Vietnam war. No burgher ever asked me what grades I got, just wave a well made visiting card in their face, make your own letter headings and format your CV to look very impressive whilst having no actual content at all. Works for me every time (and think of the money you save on the new fangled loan system!) smiley - smiley I can wait. Break a leg smiley - yikes

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