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Welcome to the 'Miscellaneous Questions' section of the h2g2 FAQ. This is where you can find information on topics not covered in the other h2g2 FAQ sections.

If you want to see a complete list of questions answered by the h2g2 FAQ, then check out the h2g2 FAQ Index at any time.

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Someone's posting really nasty or obscene stuff in forums or in their Guide Entries. Can you stop them?

Absolutely! If you are offended by anybody's actions on h2g2, please click the relevant complaint link at the bottom of each page or the complaint button (also known as the 'Yikes' button) next to each posting. Our House Rules are clear on the issues of obscenity and offensive behaviour: we don't want any of it on h2g2.

While we appreciate that posts on h2g2 can't be edited by their authors once posted, please don't use the complaints button for such things as spelling corrections.

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I've found an entry with some major mistakes in it. How do I get them fixed?

If an entry is listed as 'Edited', 'Recommended' or 'Awaiting Approval', then let us know of any errors by simply posting to the Editorial Feedback Forum. A Curator or Editor will come along and fix the selected problems. If the entry is a standard Guide Entry, however, then its editing rights are still owned by a member of the h2g2 Community. Simply contact the person listed as the entry's Editor and they should be able to sort out the problems.

We're only human and we do make mistakes, but we pride ourselves in a quality Guide that sorts its problems out quickly and efficiently. We very much appreciate any corrections or other (polite) feedback you can provide.

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Isn't this where the silly questions are meant to go? I want silly questions!

Feel free to check out the Miscellaneous Chat forum and soon enough someone will come and answer your queries.

But if you mean something like 'What is the Unifying Theory of Physics?'. OK...

What is the Unifying Theory of Physics?

We don't know. Do you? Fancy writing an entry about it?

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