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Okay, so there I am driving along country road, the speed limit is 60mph and I'm doing around 55.

I come up behind a car going slower than me, in fact the driver is doing 40. It's a 60 speed limit remember,
and not a quiet road either, but this guy is doing 40mph. It doesn't take long before there are more cars
than me queued up behind this guy, in fact I counted eight.

This road as I said is quite busy, so there is no way of overtaking. I'm stuck behind him. Not too bad, I'm
not that impatient a driver so I can handle this. But what does bug me is that, after a while, we enter the
outskirts of Ipswich and the speed limit is reduced to 30mph. Everyone in this queue of traffic slows down...

except for the guy who was doing 40. He's still doing 40. This guy is now breaking the law. Not only did he
hold everyone up, and no doubt annoyed and frustrated a lot of people, he is now breaking the speed limit in a
built up area.

Seeing as how this is still only a village on the outskirts of Ipswich, we soon pass through and hit the
national speed limit of 60mph again, and all of us who slowed down soon end up queued behind Mr.40mph, who is
still doing 40mph.

So my vented spleen is this, people who flatly ignore the speed limits and go at their own pace regardless of
whether they are breaking the speed limit or holding people up.


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