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Thought there should be an article about Clarke - I could do with some help though as this is my first Article and I feel a little apprehensive.....AAARGH BLOODY COMPUTERS - JUST LOST THE LOT!!!!


Arthur C. Clarke is probably the best known living SF author in teh world. Dually famous as the "inventor" of the communications Satellite ( he described it so well way back when... that when the first one was launched it was unpatentable) and for "2001 - a space oddysey".

He is still writing today, mainly collaborating with established genre (and non-genre) writers. Now in his 9th Decade, he was born in 1917 in the quite English town of Minehead, the son of a farmer, Arthur's passion for space seems to have been ever present. In 1936 he moved to London , where he joined the British Interplanetary Society.

He Joined the Royal Air Force during World War II (in 193?) where he was put in charge of the first Radar talk down equipment - as chronicled in his book Glide Path. After the war he published the article mentioned above "ExtraTerrestrial Relays" (1945).

He has written over 80 books. Lately he collaborated with Stephen Baxter (who has been descibed as "the new Arthur C. Clarke") on The Light of Other Days (which borrows its title from a short story by ??? about Slow Glass

I have just finished "light of Other Days" by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, the Grand Master and the new pretender to the throne, weave an intriguing tale around the hypothesis that Man develops a remote viewing technology using Space-Time Wormholes, the ubiquity of this new technology leads to complete loss of privacy. By extension, not only can the Wormholes view events many light minutes away it can (as Space and Time are interchangeable) look into the past, but, as it is impossible (according to Einstein) to send data into past it is also impossible to view the Future. All this extrapolation and investigation into the past (following the devolution of one of the protagonists via his Female ancestors, all the way back to single celled organisms, through many Catastrophes, to, finally, a Methane Breathing Intelligent form of life prior to a really BIG extinction event) takes place in the shadow of "WormWood" a Killer Asteroid discovered by Amateur Astronomers which WILL wipe out life on Earth, unless we can do something about it.

Very well written, but can see lots of parallels between this and Arthur C.'s other recent collaboration (with Michael Kube McDowell) Trigger, at least in philosophical terms. Shares less with the Earthquake thriller he wrote (with another Hollywood Screen writer) a couple of year's earlier.

God this is beginning to sound like a VERY BAD essay HELP

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