Oakfield, the home of Dr John

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Unfortunately, as you can see, I have got the builders in. Consequently I am unable to give you a guided tour. Hopefully, they will be finished by the end of this week.

Oakfield is one of the larger properties in the village. As you probably noticed whilst perusing the village map it is as large as the Village Hall in ground area though, as befits all dwellings in this select rural setting, only one and a half storeys in height (i.e. the bedrooms are all built into the roof space).
Looking at the property from the road, you notice that it is raised a few feet above your ground level on an embankment that is a mass of wild flowers. To the left, the embankment has been cut away to form a sloping driveway in which is parked a 1965 Rover 3.5 Coupe which looks brand new despite its age.
You enter the garden through a small white gate and climb the steps to a small terrace on which sleeps a large hairy dog which opens one eye as you pass, wags its tail once and instantly returns to its dreams. A note written in fountain pen on expensive hand-made paper is pinned to the front door. It reads.......

I am sorry that I cannot be here to greet you in person but several of the Village residents require regular home visits to ensure their continued well-being. Feel free to look around the house whilst I am out.
Should you require anything, my housekeeper will look after until my return.
Dr John

As you finish reading the note, you become aware that the front door now stands open. You step into....

The Hallway

Your first impression is oak. The floor is polished oak, the walls are carved oak panels and the ceiling beams are rough-hewn oak.
Not old blackened oak but fresh golden oak.
It looks like the good doctor has spent a lot of cash on renovating the place.

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