A Hootoo Story 3

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Chapter 3

The heads of the various guilds of HooToo sat around a table, each with their second standing behind them.

'So we are all agreed then?' came the voice of Doctor Anthea. The others nodded. 'We can't let this happen to this place. No! We will not let this happen to this place.'

Everyone looked as if they agreed - even Skenvoy, the person in charge of keeping members in the guilds. A feline shape stepped out of the shadows.

'Yes, but what are you all going to do about it?' Now she had grabbed the attention of everyone else met there. She sat down at a chair that had long since been abandoned. It belonged to Ena of the Shadow Realm who many had long since claimed was dead, but even now she sat before them all, in her woman form, except she had the ears of a cat and a long silver mane.

'I have a suggestion if no one else does...' Ena glanced around the room looking at each guild leader in question before focusing her attention on Khamsin and Dr Anthea who both nodded in agreement almost as if they knew what she was going to say long before she said it.

'Carry on Ena.' came the hesitant voice of Skenvoy.

'We must rebuild this city by ourselves! We must show them we need this place! That it still deserves to be here! That it isn't just some antique they can scrap and replace with a newer and better model! We must use every last ounce of this land...' Ena banged on the table to emphasise her point. 'So they can't take it from us!'

'Agreed!' echoed the voice of Khamsin. 'Let us start right away with Skenvoy drawing up the plans for who gets the responsibilities for the different areas of the city. Come, Skenvoy, we don't want the city to be demolished for the new bypass.' Skenvoy had already started scribbling down various assignments and was handing out bits of paper to the various leaders making sure everyone had their assignments.


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