Did I Leave The Iron On?

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Did I Leave The Iron On? <br/>
by Greebo T Cat

Several A/K/A Random's 'sporting blues'

Shazz is gonna shoot me thru the confuser, but me, Mondays, and especially Monday holidays such as it were tend to scramble my eggs when they're still in the shell, much less first-of-the-month paying bills prepared to fry anything in its sight. Enough drivel has passed thru the AmSports desk the past week... still is passing thru your intrepid AmSports desk...

The huge news is the age 23 rookie female driver in the Indianapolis 500 car race. Danica Patrick finished fourth, messed up at least once, spinning out and almost crashing her car, but led the race three times over 19 of the 200 laps before basically coasting the final laps behind winner Dan Wheldon, an Englishman winning his fourth race in five tries this year.

I can't describe the huge amount of media play the young lady has. Apparently she posed for a publication, not in her racing clothing, for certain, so the media are trying to jump on THE STORY. I would not insinuate anything further. Patrick showed excellent driving skills in strategically passing cars and managing her car, which is sponsored by teevee talk show host David Letterman in partnership with former Indy racer Bobby Rahal. She did make a couple rookie mistakes, almost stalling the car, but hey! She didn't and finished the 200 laps, thereby guaranteeing her continued media... uh, presence.

I have several notes on the French Open tennis, but you folks can see that and the finals are this weekend for our viewing pleasure. The American pro basketball playoffs will also wind up and start again this coming weekend and there's always baseball to be played. (A critical road trip for the beloved Cleveland Indians, headed thru division rivals Minnesota and Chicago before flying west for San Diego and San Francisco, which are total adventures into that wierdness of inter-league play.)

A further note is the National Football League's Europe championships between the Amsterdam Admirals and the Berlin Thunder in Duesseldorf NEXT weekend... and this would be random or seldom, or a/k/a something with two bathrobes and two towels in two different places, wondering when the Vogons are gonna show up, and at which place, over and out.

Elsewhere, in a Small Place Called Europe

Just when you though the football season was over along comes the next round of qualifying for the 2006 World Cup to be played in Germany. It looks as if I will be banished upstairs to watch Dr Who and other assorted television programmes this Saturday as Holland take on Romania. There are also matches between Republic of Ireland and Israel, Northern Ireland and Germany and Scotland and Moldova.

Scotland, Rep of Ireland and Holland have a busy few days as they also play on Wednesday 8th June - Scotland are away to Belarus, Holland travel to Finland and Rep Ireland to the Faroe Islands.

A quick scan of the current standings sees Holland and England sitting comfortably at the top of their respective groups. Northern Ireland and Wales, who are in the same group as England, look to be in trouble lying 4th and 5th respectively. Despite lying in 5th place in Group 5 Scotland, with a game in hand compared to the top 3 teams, have a real chance to pull back up with their next two games. Rep of Ireland are 4th in Group Four but share the same points as Switzerland1 and are only 1 point off the top two teams2.

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1Rep of Ireland are placed lower due to goal difference.2If you would like to see your team covered in these reports please let us know!

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