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This is the hope page for the 'Campaign For New Smileys'.

H2G2 is the home of many fantastic community artists who bless us with great art work all the time.

Unfortunately we have not been blessed with the best bits of artwork on hootoo, Smileys, since autumn 2003. Please people remember the simple joy of using 'Evilgrin' or 'Dontpanic' for the first time? A pleasure that has been sadly lacking for the last two years.

This is not the place to suggest new smiley ideas, this is merely the place to sign up for the campaign to have some new ones.

If you are interested then Please sign up below.

Enter your Name, U-number, and Favourite Smiley/Most Wanted Smiley here!

MembersFerrettbadger (EVILGRIN,SIGH)Geggs (EGG)Ancrene (TARDIS)Mazin' MadFiddler (BOW)WanderingAlbatross (TEKOR)Ictoan (BIKER)Lordwolfden (SCIFIANIMALS)Malabarista (ROLLEYES)Little Miss (DIGIBOX)Reefgirl (EVILGRIN,SARCASTIC)Honestlago (ROLLEYES)


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