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Dear Agony Aunt,

I have a problem that I am sure you can easily deal with! I need to contact a friend, but seem to have lost touch with her. I am pretty sure that she is somewhere on h2g2, though her page seems to have disappeared, and I have been foolish enough to lose her email address. Is there anywhere I can go to find her again?

Lonely Heart!

Dear Lonely Heart,

This is terrible indeed. I always hate it when I loose touch with someone only to find that when I try to locate him or her they seem to of fallen off of the face of the earth. Lucky for you and I we now have a sure-fire way of relocating those among us who have come up missing. There is a great spot called the Missing Persons Forum. This is where you travel if you are in search anyone whom you cannot locate on your own. All you need to do is pop over there and leave any information you may have on this person, with any luck at all the person in question will be located in no time flat and the two of you can once again be yakking up a blue streak about all the latest gossip.

Agony Aunt

If you have an unusual problem that you would like our unusual Agony Aunt to help you with, them please mail Agony Aunt direct!

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