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In line with my policy on brevity and simplicity, I am going to use a three star Replay rating system:

For me, the real test of a movie's quality is: would I willingly pay $10 to sit through this again? This is of course based on my presumption that seeing a movie on the bigscreen is vastly superior to seeing it on video.

  • * = I've already forgotten what movie I'm writing about.

  • ** = Maybe when it comes out on video.

  • *** = The popcorn machine at the cinema is on emergency standby, waiting for my MacArthur-like return.

Road to El Dorado

For a film with Kevin Kline, Kenneth Brannagh, a collage of
pre-Columbian South and Central American cultures, and the same crew
that made Antz and Prince of Egypt, there's surprisingly little going

There is witty banter between Kline and Brannagh, which is pretty
much constant.

El Dorado strangely lacks the visual splendour of its predecessors. A
little bit more glitter to that gold might have helped to distract from
any deficiencies in the story department.

Replay Value: *


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