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'The love vibe has been spread to every inch of the Earth, and is now spreading to the whole, wide universe.'

Alicat lives in Southern Ontario, Canada, near Niagara Falls. She owns her own home in a village of about 1000, within a city of 48,000. Her home is located on a triangle of land, formed by the intersection of the Old and New Welland Canals. The Canals were built so that ships could bypass the Niagara Falls.

Living with her you will find her partner, two dogs, two cats and an African Grey parrot. She grew up in a family of animal-lovers who encouraged her in her great affection. She found herself spending her childhood rescuing hurt or abandoned wildlife, with some great success. Alicat also had the fortunate opportunity to have horses growing up, her greatest passion. Currently her favourite pets are her dogs, Angus and Rosee. Although she is quick to state that she loves all living things.

Currently Alicat is unemployed, which leaves her plenty of time to pursue her favourite pastime, h2g2. Recently she found herself dubbed the 'Patron Saint of Good Taste'. (This is after asking to become the Patron Saint of Peter Gabriel. hehe!) She is greatly enjoying her time on h2g2, finding that very often times she is hitting the 'LOL!!' and 'ROFL!!' keys...Especially in the 'Party Continues...hic...Pardon Me' forums.

I am sure that everyone reading this article has heard of the famous bottles of love that Alicat and Monkey Boy have been handing out to researchers they come across in various forums. These bottles of love developed one day while Monkey Boy and Alicat were discussing the value of love in everyone's lives. They decided that, maybe, if people could actually see love, if it was a concrete and tangible substance, then they could accept it more. They were quite pleased to find a great source of love at h2g2; they found it here in great abundance. They then began bottling it and embarked on a mission to bring love to everything in the universe. They did this by dropping bottles wherever they could in hopes that with its worldwide membership love would spread to other peoples' lives as well.

When asked if she could change one thing about h2g2 she responded not with a change but with an addition she would like to see...Alicat said that she would approve the Peter Gabriel article by TowelMaster, which she finds quite wonderful.

Lastly, Alicat would like to take a moment to say thank-you to all of the wonderful friends she has met while at h2g2 for the way they've touched her life. She states that while here she has found the dearest, most intelligent people from around the world, and now she counts them as some of her closest friends. She goes on to say that every contact, however brief, has made her who she is today. The ongoing friendships are the ones which she treasures daily. Alicat ends this interview by reminding everyone of the Golden Rule, her favourite rule to live by. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. If everyone would just concentrate on trying to follow that one rule, life would be so much sweeter.


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