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That is my old page. I keep it here in case I decide to reactivate it. Meanwhile, you can see me here.

Yelbakk's Old Page

Good morning, , what's happening? For your information, if you see your name there, you are a member of H2G2 and are currently logged on. Doesn't if feel great to know that?

Also for your information, the next paragraph consists of a quote by Michael Moore. It is not very political, so do not be afraid of what you might read if you are the kind of researcher who is not overly fond of Michael Moore, as I know a great number of people to be.

"Look, the few times in my life where I've gone after something or really tried hard for something 'cause I wanted it, it
never happened. When you sit back and give up, that's when it actually happens."

Micheal Moore

I am Yelbakk, Keeper of Abandoned Thoughts. Here are some of the basic facts you may or may not need to know about me.

Randomize me!

smiley - peacedove

NameJanek Albinsky
SexThe original text here said: Look at the picture and guess! Now that pictures are no longer allowed... you`ll just have to guess
BornOn the 18th day of the 9th month of the year 1975 in Waren, (East) Germany
FamilyA good one
Lives inBerlin, Germany
ProfessionStudent at Humboldt University, Berlin. I want to become a teacher for English and German - feel free to express your sympathy...
What does
Yelbakk mean?
Yelbakk Sinjan was one of the results I got when I tried to play Scrabble just using the letters of my name. It does not mean anything, but it does sound quite exotic.
What does the
Keeper title
Ever wonder what happened to all the splendid ideas of last night's party? Either you can't remember ony of them, or they don't appear as splendid anymore - or they keep bugging you so much you can't fall asleep. That is the case for me, which is why I am the Keeper of Abandoned Thoughts.
MembershipsNever paid membership fees, but stil...
Besides the obvious, I like most books I come across. Matthew Lewis's The Monk (1795) is really cool and fun: a monk becomes a sexual pervert who converts to Satanism – Gothic fiction at its best. Primary Colors, published anonymously, is a good read and provides deep insights into US politics. Swedish Detctive Stories; Science Fiction by Stanislav Lem; sometimes even Joseph Conrad. Und Helden wie wir von Thomas Brussig erzählt Euch, wie die Wende wirklich, ganz wirklich war.
That is the big one. I have been listening to music ever since my ears started picking up sounds. That left me loving But up on top of that list of eternal musical blessings is the one and only Angel of Rock ‘n Roll, Bruce Springsteen.
42, of course
23 – That one keeps coming at me when I least expect it. It must be the Illuminati at work...
My 42U 133566 = 1*(3+3)*5+6+6 = 42
Murphy's Universal LawIf there is a wrong way to do it, you will find it.
If there is no wrong way to do it, you will create it.
Web SiteYelbakk in Real Life. Well, really, it's coming soon...
Web Site

The Omegaproject
- It is a sophisticated site that combines thrilling literature with high quality graphics. It is furthermore the project of a very good friend of mine, so do visit him there. Actually I would really like to post a different adress here, but I am afraid that it would not conform with the BBC guidelines. You see, it is a bit of a commercial adventure. But maybe I can slip this past the eyes of the mods: the page is a Galerie and the operator's name is Pigors and google will do the rest for you...
E-MailYou wish..., well ok. Don't abuse it. janek[dot]albinsky[at]gmx[dot]de. Be nice.
But you can ICQ me207215346 is my number there.

I expect to see you around, then.


Here is a great Hello to Bossel and Trillian's Child. Thanks for spotting me out.

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