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Ziele der GerManiaConnection sind:

  • Über die deutschsprachigen Länder ehrlich und objektiv zu berichten (in Foren und Beiträgen)
  • Das allgemeine Bild dieser Länder außerhalb deren Grenzen zurecht zu rücken.
  • Kontakt zwischen deutschsprechenden Mitgliedern mit gemeinsamen Interessen und Wohngegenden herzustellen
  • Ansprechpartner für besuchende H2G2-ler, die nach D/A/CH reisen wollen oder dort wohnen werden


The aims of the GerManiaConnection are:

  • to report honestly and objectively on the German speaking countries in forums and entries
  • To correct the unfavourable picture generally perpetuated outside these countries
  • To create contact between German speaking researchers with similar interests or who live near each other
  • To provide information and contact with local Germans/Austrians/Swiss for other H2G2 researchers going on holiday or moving to the area

LATEST UPDATE 7 DECEMBER 2000. Sorry folks - will soon get around to updating all this. Please let me know any alterations you want made. :-). It seems that some members aren't coming back - I had been holding out, just in case.



GerManiaConnection Who's Who


- A list of the Researchers who have been on line recently, and who either

  • live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Are German-speaking expats living elsewhere
  • Have expressed an interest in a German speaking country
  • Have commented in a thread regarding an entry on a relevant topic
  • Speak German well
If you would like to be included, or if you have noticed a new German member, please say so here.

GerManiaConnection Who was Who


Researchers as described above, but who have not been on line since approximately July 2000. If you feel someone is unjustly included here, please post to this thread.

GerManiaConnection - What's What / Part I


A collection of useful information with links to relevant pages within H2G2 and external links. We would be very grateful for your input here!

GerManiaConnection - What's What / Part II


The complete list of relevant entries written by Researchers about Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the language, the food, the customs, towns you must visit.Please help us keep this up to date! Post here. if you have written an entry lately.

Home Base

Die Erde, 26. November 2000.
So - hier haben wir die neue Startseite der GerManiaConnection. Seit dem letzten Update sind in Who's Who 19 neue Mitglieder entdeckt worden, und in Who was Who haben wir 33 neue Namen hinzugefügt. Diese Neuerung ist an alle bekanntgegeben, die sich in der "Who's Who" - Liste befinden. Bitte ändert Eure Links und Bookmarks, da Nachrichten jetzt auf dieser Seite erscheinen werden, die bisherige Seite ist "nur" noch "Who's Who".


This is the new Front Page for the GerMania Connection, as of 26 November 2000. Since the last update we have added 19 Researchers to Who's Who and 33 to Who was Who. Everybody in the "Who's Who" list has received notice of this new page. Please correct any links or bookmarks you may have made to the previous front page. This will now continue solely as the Who's Who page.


Eine e-group ist eingerichtet worden. Sehr unkompliziert und privat (na ja..). Hier kann sich der harte Kern treffen und vor allem, e-mails an alle oder einzelne verschicken. Diese Maßnahme habe ich ergriffen, da ein Computer-Absturz bei mir die Schwächen eines e-mail-Verkehrs mit selbsterstellten Verteilern aufgezeigt hat.

Bitte den Hinweisen bei "Subscribe" folgen und beitreten!


We now have an e-group for the GerManiaConnection. Until now, the "insiders" have e-mailed each other with a common distribution list, but I found this a relatively unsafe system, especially as all my e-mails got lost in a crash.

If you wish to join, just click "Subscribe" and follow the directions

Group name: GerManiaConnection

Open group page here

Send an e-mail to the group here

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