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I am considering a potentially silly idea, which is to go through all the Edited Entries in the Guide and see if they need an Update.

Obviously this is a *very* long term project, but something I will need to consider before I start is the order in which I review the Entries.

My instictive reaction is to go through in date order of when they were created, as the older they are the more likely they are to need an update (depending on the subject).

My second reaction is to go through the tree structure and review them by topic. Given there's 10,000 in there I'm so far behind that doing them chronologically almost isn't worth it - after all, if an Entry is okay then I can just go on to the next one.

Does anyone know if the first idea is possible without going through every Entry (Edited or not) purely by A number in the address bar? If it isn't easy to do then I'll revert to the second idea.

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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

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"Following the list by A-number is not the best policy, most entries are raw, user pages or 'removed'
Best way to start is checking the frontpage archive < U230056 >, exclude the ones cured by the curators < F47997 >. "

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