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How to find entry

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I have just made a posting and tried to search for it using keywords but cannot find it. Is there some kind of time delay nobody told me about, or will no-one be able to read my article ever?smiley - wah

How to find entry

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

This one?


It's in your list of Guide Entries, just click your name to return to your home page smiley - smiley


How to find entry

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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

*waves* Hi GB smiley - smiley

I think what The_Reluctant_Gaijin means, is how do other people find his/her entry.

Hootoo's search engine is not one of the better one's Gaijin. I used the most obvious word 'Gaijin' and came up with this


You're right, your entry's not there. Someone else may want to explain how our search engine works.

However your entry will be here for a couple of days <./>info?cmd=art</.>

Vip has offered you some good advice in your PeerReview thread. If <./>ThePost</.> takes it on, and I can't see why they wouldn't, you'd get plenty of readers. smiley - smiley

smiley - bluebutterfly

How to find entry

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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs on the search pages
"In the days of the Beep (BBC) the search was 'refreshed' with new additions once every 24 hours.

And more currently it appears still to be the case, However I must say the search quality has improved."

How to find entry

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The search was one of the things I totally rebuilt from the ground up. It was refreshing as soon as you published an entry.

How to find entry

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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

Cool old Guy smiley - cogs on top
"Instant refresh smiley - wow can remember Jim getting a headache from my testing/using the search.

Like I wrote have not had tested it, and probably will not as long as it w*rks fine smiley - tasmiley - herosmiley - biggrin"

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